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This is my Page dedicated to the Anime Trigun which is one of my favorites

I take orders and make the Red Trenchcoat that belongs to Vash The Stampede. Here are pictures of my past commisions..and my very first coat I made for myself on halloween 2003.



To order a coat

If anyone is interested in a homemade Vash coat you can Email me at JESSIKYLEDELL@AOL.com  I have concluded that the cost of a Vash Coat will be 80 dollars, this includes shipping. Changes are effective now on all orders from here on. I CAN MAKE A TRADITIONAL RED COAT OR A BLACK COAT...ITS YOUR CHOICE.



Kuroneko says hiHere is my Christmas Vash cookie

To Order a Trigun T shirt

Go to my T shirt design page at http://www.jessiscustomcandles.4t.com

Here is an awesome Trigun(with other Anime's also)Gallery I found on the web

Trigun Photo Gallery 

Here is a really great Trigun Community you might be interested in Trinut


And here is a tribute to the music of Trigun website you might want to check out: « cynical pink groove »