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On this page there will be a couple of pictures per episode and then it'll go on to page 4


Millie and Meryl come across a man who looks like vash, tied up.  He whines and certainly doesn't act like Vash.  He is being held by a man with a green Mohawk and a mechanical boomerang weapon.  Apparently he had tried to take them on and realized he didn't have bullets in his gun, so he hid under the sun untill someone came by who had some.  He had popped out of the sand exclaiming "I thought I was going to suffocate a minute there".  Then a man named Luce Ruth or Constance Rifle comes in with his revolving barrel rifle and thinks the green haired dude is Vash, and then the green haired man thinks Luce is Vash.  Vash takes this oportunitiy to get away, and then the shootout begins.  Luce and the green haired man decide to team up and share the reward for catching vash.

Vash, Millie, and Meryl make a run for it.  Meryl asks Vash to go on ahead to the town and warn them.


He does it for ten double dollars and a box of doughnuts which he had been wolfing down as he ran.  Meryl and Millie get caught and are strung up by ropes, but vash comes back and saves them by shooting the ropes down.  Miraculously noone dies, although Luce and the Mohawk man have seen better days. 

Then Vash turns to the insurance girls and asks if he has worked off the doughnuts and ten double dollars. He Laughs loudly  "AH HA HA AH HA".  An explosion occurs behind him. He runs off yelling "SCARY".

Meryl ends  up in Lewistown writing her report.  Luce Ruth is written in her report for causing the damage this time.

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