Interview With The Vampire Photo page 1
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Welcome to my Interview With The Vampire Page where you will find screen shots taken by me

...And Commentary

Here is Louie Pointe du Lac giving an interview with the reporter boy Daniel who was kind enough to offer the Vampire a ciggerette but slightly off enough to ask for Immortality and lifelong companionship.

Here is his last sunrise

Here is Louie becoming a Vampire.  Lestat then tells him to go out and get some fresh night air.  Yes, even then he was "a newborn Vampire weeping at the beauty of the night"

Lestat shows Louie that coffins are necessary.(As Louie insists he'd rather sleep in a closet)

Here is Louie Burning his house to spite Lestat

Here is  Louie and Lestat in a nice filthy cemetary...after Louie burns his house.

"My Martyr, never take a human life...this calls for a celebration."

...and Louie gives in to his Vampiric nature...on a child.

Please continue Lestat's celebration on my next IWTV Page