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Welcome to my Interview With The Vampire Photo Page 2

Here I will continue with the screenshots started on page 1...and Commentary

As Lestat's celebration continues, he brings the dying child to his house, lures Louie out of his hiding and proceeds to make her a vampire.  Claudia child Vampire  aged five mortal years is born

Here is where her learning begins.  She is told not to drink after the heart stops or she could be brought down into the death.  She wonders where her mamma is. Lestat answers quickly by saying heaven and that He and Louie are going to be taking care of her from now on.

Lestat lavished affection on her. 

Then she ate the Seamstriss!

Then she was Chastised. "Never in your home!"

Claudia liked to sleep in Louie's coffin.

Untill she got one of her own.  Lestat went to the coffinmaker with Claudia so she could pick it out.  He made up a story about her heart being weak and she wouldn't survive.  Maybe he got a discount.

They practically ate whole families.

Then one night on her 30th Birthday, Lestat came to her with a present; it was a porcelain baby doll just like every year before.  She wanted to know how she had been made.  Lestat wouldn't tell her,claiming it was his power only.  She got mad! 

Lestat had to restrain her...like this.

And Louie consoled her.Louie explained that she would never grow old and die, and no disease could touch her.  "And it means something else too, I shall never ever grow up" she replied

Later, Claudia comes to Louie whispering in his ear.  She says that they both must be free of Lestat and be able to roam the world as they please.  Louie is confused as to how this could ever be, claiming that Lestat must know some sort of magic that they do not.

One night as Lestat plays the piano, he tells Claudia he has found someone who would make a better Vampire than Louie and her.  Claudia tells him she wants to make peace with him.  She has a present for him.  "And I hope it is a Gorgeous Woman with endowments you'll never posess." He answers her.  She steps back a moment, but returns to the offer at hand.

There are two boys asleep on the sofa. Lestat takes a drink, then keels over.  Claudia drugged them to slow him down, and she slices through his neck.

Catch more slicing action on the IWTV page 3