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Hi again it's page 3 Of my Interview With The Vampire Screenshots and Commentary

Here you will find the conclusion to Claudia's attack on Lestat

And here is Lestat bleeding his shiny Vampire blood onto the nice carpet

Wow look at that spillage.

They think Lestat is dead so they dump him in the swamp, but a couple of days later he comes back while Louie and Claudia are waiting for their ship to come.  They narowly escape him but he doesn't escape a narrow burning.

This is the picture of Egypt Claudia sketches as they sail.

When they get to paris they find other Vampire's, and not like the ones they had found that were vile worped creatures.  These Vampires had a Theatre where they performed for a mortal audience.  So they dressed in their best and were off to the opera.

Here is Armand the Master of the coven of the Theatre.  He is 400 years he says.  He claims to not have any secrets of Heaven or Hell.  But even though, Louie finds a teacher in him that Lestat could never have been.

Claudia is afraid of losing Louie to Armand.  She says that Armand told her telepathicly to let Louie go, but she doesn't want to.

Come see the reason for Claudia's fear on my IWTV page 4