Interview With The Vampire Page 4

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Here I am trying to combine the best of both the movie and the book

I am continuing my Commentary on the screen shots taken of IWTV

After a night of talking with Armand, Louie comes into his Flat to find that Claudia has a mortal woman with her, under strange circumstances.

Claudia demands that Louie make her into a vampire for her sake

The woman Madeleine shows Louie her locket in which is painted her dead daughter whom so resembles claudia.  She is questioned if she knows what Claudia is.  She replies that Claudia is a child who cannot die. Louie corrects her and says Claudia is a child who did die.

Louie proceeds without speaking to turn Madeleine into a Vampire.  Soon he realizes that she is mad.  Mad Madeleine was a dollmaker, and soon after her transformation she burns her shop that was full of the lady dolls that Claudia always wanted to be.  Meanwhile, Lestat has escaped his burning and come to the theatre to tellthe Vampires what Claudia did.  They come and take Louie and Claudia kicking and screaming.

The Vampires throw Madeleine and Claudia into air well and lock the door.  Louie is put in a coffin and walled up with mud and bricks.  As the sun rises in the well, Claudia clutches Madeleine in a child to mother embrace.

This is what the sun burns them to look like.  Madeleine is a shriveled mummy, Claudia is hardly ash.  Armand comes to dig Louie out and Louie goes on a rampage to find Claudia.  He finds Lestat sitting in a room full of dark clad Theatre Vampires, and he is holding a blood stained yellow little girl dress.  He runs to the air well, (which in the book is a balcony) and his foot lands in a pile of ash which was his child Claudia.

Louie exacts his vengeance on the sleeping theatre Vampires. Lestat does not die nor does Armand.  Louie is left feeling detatched and unchangeable

The end Thank you for looking at my IWTV pages.