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Episode 2: Truth of Mistake

At the beginning of this episode it shows Vash being shot at by a man later known as Cliff Cisar the mayor.  Meryl and Millie have been travelling through the desert and come across a town that looks empty.  They find a well and proceed to try to drag up some water, but it is dry.  They are soo thirsty so they knock on the door of a mansion nearby.   To their surprise Vash opens the door.  He has become the mayor's new bodygaurd.  Vash starts tuffing his face full of the doughnuts the insurance girls had brought with them.

Num num

As Vash continues to tell the girls about his newly acquired bodygaurdship, "Yes I am that man" who will stand up for justice and so on.  Cliff the mayor explains that a blonde man in a red coat has beentrying to kill him strangly enough, so he advertised for a bodygaurd and specifically asked for someone as brave as Vash the stampede.  Meryl goes whacko over the notion that the mayor thinks he is Vash the stampede.  The mayor pulls back a curtain to reveal a pretty blonde girl. 

Yes I am that man

The mayor explains that she is the daughter of the head of the stand tall bureau, and her name is Marianne. Vash goes bonkers and his attention is drawn as he stares in awe and squeezes his hand over select parts of her body.  Cliff says that since he owns the town's water supply, his enemy's want to take that away from him. 

Vash's attention is drawn to the pretty blonde....((Squeeze squeeze))

Vash starts laying it on thick about how he is an excellant marksman and his bullets never miss their mark.(Flirt Flirt sickly sweet jabber, drool)

My bullets never miss their mark ;)

Meryl catches on to his possible weak spot as a bodygaurd and decides to offer her and Millie as bodygaurds also.  Later, when they are in the kitchen fixing dinner, Meryl grumbles as it doesn't seem like the right kind of work for a body gaurd.  Millie's not complaining as she sticks her head under the faucet as says that the best part is that they can have all the water they want.

All the water we could want

That night before dinner, Vash is patrolling the hall when he hears the sound of the shower in Marianne's room.  He straps a rope around his waist and prepares to lower himself down to peek in to Marianne's room.  As he hangs upside down hoping to get a look at Marianne undressed, he sees Millie walk into the room looking for Marianne.  There is an awkward moment as Millie sees Vash and asks what he is doing.  "Patrolling the roof for spooks" he answers.  Millie tells him tha dinnner is ready.

Meanwhile, Meryl sees Marianne coming out of Mr. Cliff's study and gets suspicious.

During dinner Marianne gets angry at Cliff for profitting form a natural resource, walks out of the room.  Vash hurries after her, explaining to Cliff that he must see to his duties...and then laughs nervously and loudly.

Vash leaps out the window at a spook

Before Vash walks in the room, Marianne is seen with Bandages over a mysterious wound.  Vash comes in and asks curiously and dreamily what she is doing.  She winces as vash clutches her.  She answers quickly that she was just thinking about her home and journeys she wishes to take.  Vash eats up her words and Marianne becomes agitated.  She suddenly directs Vash to the window where she claims to have seen something.

Vash hears that Marianne is missing

Vash leaps out of the window and lands on Meryl.  After a good telling off, Vash yells to Marianne that "All is safe and well for you again", but when he comes back in, Marianne and Cliff are missing. Meryl finds some bloody bandages with Marianne's dress.  Vash is devastated at thsi news.  Just as Meryl starts to suspect Marianne of something, Vash jumps in to affirm all faith in Marianne and how he could tell from the start that she had a good heart.

By accident, Vash finds a secret passage and follows it where he finds a water plant, and Marianne held at gunpoint by cliff saying that people like her were going to ruin him.  Vash falls down a water passage yelling.  Cliff tries to shoot him, but he jerks out of he way and does a sort of kooky dance.  A bullet hits a water main and causes water to spill out from under the mayor's house and flooding the valley, bu the people have their free water again and Marianne is greateful to Vash.  She turns out to have been the blonde in the red coat that was trying to stop the Mayor.  Vash leaves, wishing tha it could have worked out between him and Marianne."and she was soo cute...awe man." he whines. 

Episode's 3,4, and so on are not done, so check back at my Trigun page 5